Hello, There!

Hello, Loves! Ok so we know YouTube is my main "thing"....  I've posted at least 2 videos per week for the past 10 years (!!), which is CRAZY to think about. I love it more and more every year and I'm not going anywhere!

A few years after beginning that, blogging got pretty big. So naturally, I started this blog to sort of "try it out".  And I loved it! I really enjoyed posting occasionally (and sometimes, not so occasionally), but YouTube always "stuck".  That's what I do, and that's what I love!
Funny thing is, lots of my posts were just accompanying posts to videos where I would link to stuff (I do that in the "more info" section of EVERY SINGLE video anyway), and lots of the content I used to do JUST on the blog (decor, fashion...)  has become a huge part of my YouTube channel these past few years.

So when I had my sweet baby girl a few years ago, I prioritized thangs' around here and the blog just naturally phased out.  It's still here. Posts are still up (lots are old and embarrassing...haha).
BUT I never stopped my main gig.

YouTube is going stronger and better than ever and we're all having SO much fun over there! So be sure to subscribe to my channel and check it out every Monday or Tuesday AND every Friday each week!

Oh, and did I mention Instagram!? Well I post a ton of updates there so I hope you're following me there too (under makeupbytiffanyd).  Lot's of decor, fashion, beauty, and family.  

So that's about it, guys! I just wanted to update here really quick... It was actually really fun to sit down and write a post! So I may be back eventually posting here regularly. Never say never! But you can always come hang out on YouTube!! See you over there!  SO many exciting things coming up!! ahhhhhh can't wait.

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Hello, There!

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