Tarina Tarantino

I first discovered Tarina Tarantino on a trip to LA. My friend was studying at FIDM and in the gallery next door they had a huge thing about the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Part of the thing about The Wizard was a specially designed jewellery collection by TT (shown in the pics below). The book with all the jewellery in it was the first thing I bought in LA and I'm bloody glad I did as it is full of amazing pictures full of colour and life!
Tarina makes all her jewellery at a "sparkle factory" in the U.S. and is all hand-made. Recently she was given the task of creating her own make up range for Sephora which I am sooooooooo bummed about as we don't have Sephora over here in the UK:( If we did I would buy all hers and Kat Von D's make up range!

Kelly O as Glinda, The Good Witch

Tarina Tarantino as The Wizard

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My 2 new tattoos

On the left side of my back, I have decided to have my favourite quotes from films, songs and anything I find inspirational. These 2 new ones I have are from the films Almost Famous and The Princess Bride. My next tattoo (in August) will be my biggest one yet! I plan to have cherry blossoms and an orchid all down the right side of my back. It's going to be sweet!

I know they look wonky but they're on my ribs so they are straight but the ribs are a weird spot! What do you think?

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My WAH nails manicure

I finally managed to get to London to see my friend who's at drama school there. It was amazing to see her and hopefully this is the beginning of many London trips to see her!
Anyway the point of my post is this WAH nails! I have been going on and on about these girls for an age and I finally got my own WAH manicure. Yay! I went to Topshop on Oxford Street and got them done by a girl who had only been there 2 days but she did a brilliant job:)

What do you guys think?

My nails

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Colourful Cigarettes

Now I am not advocating smoking in any way. Everyone can make up their own mind when it comes to that!
Check out these cigarettes. Even if I didn't smoke, I would still buy them because they look sooooooooo pretty!

Love Freya

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