Tarina Tarantino

I first discovered Tarina Tarantino on a trip to LA. My friend was studying at FIDM and in the gallery next door they had a huge thing about the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Part of the thing about The Wizard was a specially designed jewellery collection by TT (shown in the pics below). The book with all the jewellery in it was the first thing I bought in LA and I'm bloody glad I did as it is full of amazing pictures full of colour and life!
Tarina makes all her jewellery at a "sparkle factory" in the U.S. and is all hand-made. Recently she was given the task of creating her own make up range for Sephora which I am sooooooooo bummed about as we don't have Sephora over here in the UK:( If we did I would buy all hers and Kat Von D's make up range!

Kelly O as Glinda, The Good Witch

Tarina Tarantino as The Wizard

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