My First Video [FLASHBACK]

I remember this exact day of uploading and creating this video. I actually started this video pretty late at night. Funny thing is, what you guys DO NOT see in the video are lamps balancing on my bed, towels down all over my bed so I don't get makeup on my sheets (inevitable), my messy finger printed laptop, full of body paint that WAS NOT water based easy to come off paint (ahem), and the general madness that was actually this video.

I always get asked the questions

"What camera do you use?"
"What editing program did you use?"
"What ________________"

I never, ever, mind comments, questions, or concerns, but for these? They dont matter. It doesn't matter what I use now, because what I use now is not what I started out with. Now, if you told me that you have already started making videos, and have been using what you have, then I would be a little more willing to help you out and give you my opinion on what camera to upgrade to next, and share a little more of what I use. The reason I don't? I know too many teenagers and kids now a days (not categorizing) will just ask their parents for equipment (which there is nothing wrong with), or will just GASP at the price of higher end equipment.

Getting started on YouTube is absolutely not about being the best of the best, comparing yourself to your idols, or about having the best of the best, its about being the best version of yourself that you can be, and having fun while doing it. So what your audio is off, you're nervous, you might not know what to say, maybe you say too much, maybe you have a hard time getting comfortable with the fact that realistically you are talking to yourself (much like I am doing right now), but I am not, I am talking to you. So what if your video doesn't turn out like people who have been doing it for years? Maybe the lighting is wrong, maybe the video is shaky, maybe its blurry in spots, but you know what? That is how you LEARN. 

If you start with the best, you are missing all of those moments in which you will have learned to appreciate better cameras, lighting, and editing programs. Having expensive stuff doesn't make you the best, just like being famous doesn't mean that you should be (not targeting any Kardashian).

Looking back on my very first video, this is what was going through my mind.

"Oh god, I sound like a guy on camera. Maybe I should try lightening my voice up a bit. Don't project? Lex, don't you dare project your voice like the theatrical person you are. Uh.. "Tehe!" Is that better? Sigh. 

*this silliness lasted about three videos, and gradually, I started to talk more and more normal, the better microphones that I got that did not deepen my voice even more. I was over it. This is the only thing I have ever changed about myself for camera, and why? It was stupid to do, and literally the only thing I hate about all of my old videos, that I didn't speak like I normally do. I mean, then again, at this point I was still kind of shy, my Grandma was asleep in the next room, and I didn't want my family to know I was filming because it would have made me nervous. They could only see ONCE IT WAS DONE! Then again, it is funny now when I get comments that I talked normal "back then" and change my voice now. *face palm* should have just talked normal since the beginning. 

"I should probably alert the public how much I hated using these products. It did get the job done though, so, you know. This is what I used. It also burned. That should be enough to teach them not to use this. Perfect!"

"You're welcome for sharing my honest experiences with you. Long beginning? Deal with it. I just saved your paint from drying out, because I KNOW you'll lose that cap."

"Is this even?" 

"This is not even."

"I look terrifying. This is amazing. I want to be a skull every day."

"I wonder if my mom is wondering what I am doing in her closet with the lights off... She shall soon see my creation from my LAB!!!! MWAHAHA"

Putting up a video on YouTube takes a couple of things, several things actually; drive, determination, creativity (in whatever subject), and most importantly, the passion to show someone else something, or teach them something. Any type of social media should never be gone into thinking that you are going to be the next Michelle Phan. You don't want to be Michelle Phan. Why? Because you should always want to be exactly who you are, and never like anyone else. You should never want to even be me. I hope I can inspire you to bring out traits and passions in yourself that you did not even know that you had, and that I can show you being creatures and characters is not only fun, but a great way to relieve your stress. Maybe you don't take up makeup, maybe my videos can just make you melt your stress away from your day. If I can at least lighten YOUR day a little more, my job is done. After all, when do you ever hear about a skull stressing out? You don't. Skulls are pretty chill objects, and kind of scary.

- Lex

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