Man, oh man, am I happy that I am reuploading my old videos. It's always nice to look back and see how much you have improved, or the differences you have made. No matter how much you grow, always continue to have fun. But, uh... if you have to ditch the weird not so zombie movements, I won't stop you. Hey, whatever eats your zombie brain!
Because I enjoy to write, and never shut up, whether its in writing, in person, in a video, on the phone (you get the point), I wanted to create another blog post looking back on remembering my thoughts during this old video from 2011, and what I think now. When this video was filmed, I was 18 years old.

"Zombie movements, zombie movements. Sexy zombie movements? Um. Can zombies be hot? Can we make this a thing? I feel attractive."

Fun story! Channeling a memory of the time my mom got eyelash extensions, and I thought they were so incredibly ugly, I started bawling. I was also 14 years old. This snippet of realization an eye prosthetic might not be comfortable for someone with long eyelashes also was inspired by someone I knew at the time who had the same eyelash extensions. I didn't cry that time. Partially because I wasn't fond of the woman, and partially because I was 18 years old. Note, if they were on my mother again, I still would cry at 22 years old. You're beautiful without eyelash extensions, Mom. Happy Mothers Day.


Another fun story! Don't actually rip Spirit Gum off of your face, it exists for a reason. Actually, I made this pre-watching another makeup artist rip off an actors eyebrow on set because she didn't have Spirit Gum remover. Yikes! I was honored he requested me as his makeup artist the next day. Then again, I think I would have also. I actually made the EXACT same facial expression for both occasions! Full circle.

Just in case you were wondering what your face looks like when ripping off Spirit Gum instead of remover. Visuals work best.

Alexys Fleming from Madeyewlook

Teaching you to tap the spirit gum since 2011

Also using BH Cosmetics on YouTube since 2011

"I might as well just use the entire body. Im really bloody. Im really messed up. This zombie must have had an awful death. Actually, zombies don't usually die. I think i'll display it at the end of this video. A little bit of backstory."

Also, just for the next time I tell you not to cover your prosthetics in blood because it ruins all the detail. Oh! By the way, it also hides the edges really well. A bloody edge was better than a regular edge! Erm, apparently...

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