Hey, You. Let's update this.

Oh, hi there.
It's been a hot second, huh??  I know, I know... a 6-month hot second. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry. This little face has been keeping me busy.


Anyway, I could gush and go on and on about how life has changed and how wonderful it is to be a mom, but we'd be here all day. Maybe tomorrow too.  I did actually just post a 6 month "mom" update on Youtube a week ago so you can check that out here!
I'm just so super happy that you guys have been so supportive and I can't tell you how warm n' fuzzy I feel when you guys have such sweet things to say about Olivia. I mean, how could you not? ;)

So really I had a few moments today and decided to just go ahead and give the abandoned blog a little update and say "hi". I know I've never posted on here super regularly or had a big schedule here. It's just really been a place for sharing whenever I get some extra time or get in a particularly "bloggy" mood, but I really hate that I let it sit for so long. Thanks for sticking around!
As you guys know,  I always keep up with my YouTube channel regularly, so I always make it a priority to post at least 2 videos per week there (so definitely subscribe and check that out so you don't miss any updates). Since lil' bit came along, all my spare time is spent playing and feeding and cuddling and being mom.  Love that. 

Just wanted to let you guys know that the blog hasn't been abandoned and that I have a few plans in the works for upcoming posts! I still want to share Olivia's "official" nursery reveal... SO many beautiful photos I'd love to post and share. Also, I have some home updates!  The home/decor posts really became my favorite types of posts to share here. 
So I'm thinking I'll continue to do beauty videos over on YouTube (as always), and keep the blog for more personal posts, home stuff, and general whatever-ness.
Sound like a plan?

I really hope you all are doing amazing.  Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

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Hey, You. Let's update this.

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