In the past months various versions of colourful and light hair shades are a trend. In order to achieve that kind of look bleaching is inevitable and we all know what it can do to your hair. Nowadays hair stylists use Olaplex and other treatments to prevent your hair from drying out and ending up frizzy but if you naturally have black hair like me, or you dye it black the process of getting blond hair would take years! In order to go around all those obstacles you could just buy a wig! You can find a huge variety of shades and quality hair extensions on! When you get into the wig game the options are infinite. You can go from a long grey princess hair to a short green ombre in one day. Hairstyle changes always make me feel great about myself but there's a point till your hair can take it and like this you choose the safe way.
If you're one of those people who succumbed to the lob trend and now regret it, there's a solution for you too! I personally don't regret my decision of cutting it short but some hairstyles require longer hair so I fixed my problem with clip in hair extensions. It's the first category on the website and you can shop by colour, thickness, texture and type. They're really easy to use and you won't need a professional to clip them in for you. Every package contains a a few pieces of different thickness so that you can make it look as natural as possible. You can use them to make your pony tails thicker or just to make your hair longer. If you have really short hair I definitely recommend curling it straightening it so that there's no difference in the texture of your hair and the clip in one. You have to wash them as you would your air because if they're made out of human hair, like these, they'll need the same attention. On the other hand, you can buy the lightes shades and dye them on your own if you want a colour combo that's not offered on the site. Compared to other websites the prices are ridiculously low, so it's really affordable and they have a sale of 30% now so it's the best time to shop!

You can also find extensions, weaves and ombre clip ins that are 100% virgin hair. You can actually choose between Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair! I'm in looove with the black-purple ombre clip ins!

The website ships worldwide. The payment options are the standard ones (paypal, visa, mastercard, maesto, american express). You usually get a tracking number only if you choose the more expensive shipping options but here you get it even with the standard option. So you actually get a combination of amazing hair, great service for an awesome price.

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