Zombie Veins? [REWIND]

I remember doing this video specifically for several reasons. It was 2012, and I was on a roll with creating videos. This was the first time that I used an airbrush on my YouTube channel, and most definitely, looking back, wish I would have thinned out the Temptu paints. Hey, with age comes wisdom, eh? Okay, well not for everyone, haha!

Oddly enough, this was my very first video in which I had people messaging me and asking me if it was okay for them to recreate this look. Yes! Of course it's okay, why would you even ask!? It's a specific memory for me, as this was also the first person to learn from my videos, and then leave me in the dust, claiming no knowledge of my videos, or who I even am. It was the first time I felt disheartened that a person could be so set on "getting famous" off of another persons work, and still is to this day, that they would completely forget where they came from, or the people they were cool with. It was my first lesson to let things go, and not all people learn with good intentions. After all, at least I know he learned something from me, and my job was done. It was also a lesson of something I never wanted to do. I never wanted to discredit anyone, never wanted to be a show off, and definitely never wanted "fame" to ever cross over my friendships. In life, there are few people that will stay by your side through rough times, and fewer who will not only love what you do, but lift you up and support you.

I always wanted to establish a community on my channel, and to this day, I still keep things as they were a long time ago - a bully free zone, and yes, I still want people to recreate my tutorials, despite people being "people". Fame doesn't matter to me, and has never, and I mean never mattered to me. My goal for my channel was and always will be to teach others techniques, and how creativity can be an escape from your life problems. It was a lesson learned that not everyone has/had the same visions I do.

"Strong people don't tear others down, strong people lift up those around them." 

I don't want to be the best of everything in life, I want us all to succeed, all to learn, and all to understand that makeup is so much more than just makeup - It, for me, is an art form, and a way of life.

At this point in my "makeup life," I was still terrified to put anything on and/or around my teeth! I always had a worry that I would use a product, and have to get my teeth pulled out or get veneers because they would be permanently stained all for a makeup look! I am not easily convinced that things will not stain my teeth, even though things like tooth decay are made to be put on the teeth. Later on, like now, I have no issue putting FX makeup on my teeth. And yes, just like the labels say, tooth decay, and things of that nature do come right off. You can also used Skin Illustrator palettes to temporarily color your teeth!

Oh god! I filmed this in the kitchen. My Grandpa was still around when I was filming this video, which definitely brings back some (sad) memories. Most days, its crazy to think that he has been passed away now for two years. He was watching TV while I was filming this, and had to have him mute the TV and stay SILENT while filming this part of the video. Obviously you guys dont know him, but it was very hard for him to stay quiet, hahaha. I tried to film these clips as quickly as possible, and tried to speak as softly as possible so he couldn't listen to me talking. This is additionally funny because he was sitting right there, and there's no way in the world he couldn't hear what I was doing... he was watching me do it, HAHA!! Silly Lex.

I once had someone ask me, 

"Why would you save all of your old videos? That's stupid. It's uploaded onto YOUTUBE." 

Well, realistically, YouTube may not be around forever. Let's hope it is, but when I am older, even right now, I enjoy looking back on my old videos. It brings back specific memories like my Grandpa sitting at the counter, how shy I was, how nervous I was, yet how I was not afraid to put myself out there for the sake of helping other people. There are just memories in life that you wouldn't remember if they weren't caught on camera. I enjoy being able to feel what I felt a long time ago, whether the feelings are good or bad. Our experiences mold us into who we are as a person. 

If I were to give advise to a new "youtuber," I would definitely tell them to always save their videos on an external hard drive. You never know what turns life will present you in which you will enjoy looking back on the present, as the present will one day be the past.

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